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What Causes Energy Fluctuations?

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25 - 49

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 1:10 pm    Post subject: What Causes Energy Fluctuations?  Reply with quote

Well, I thought i'd start off in this section with a lil bit of what I know...

Have you ever been home alone, and all of a sudden the lights start flickering, the TV starts acting a lil odd? Welcome to the nutty world of energy fluctuations.

A lot of people who beleive in ghosts and the paranormal make one mistake; they automatically think it's something "supernatural" so to speak. But what you need to do first of all is try and find an ORDINARY explanation for it such as;
A brief surge of electricity in the power lines
A storm causing interference
Other electronic interference
Then, if you can't find an orthodox explanation for the fluctuation. So we move on to slightly unorthodox methods. Any self-respecting ghost hunter will have a EMF meter at home, so wander around your house with it, see if you get any odd readings...
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The Management
The Management

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 8:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is one of the reasons I started this section. Those of us who have been talking about this on UM have been affected by this for a long time, and I'm personally sure this goes beyond faulty equipment.

There are a number of theories we're bandying around on the UM thread, these include:

    Electrolyte levels
    Iron levels
    Elevated static electricity levels

There are more, but these are off the top of my head.

I've had experiences for as long as I can remember, although the problem got worse from my teens onwards. I zap myself constantly on everything, and sometimes zap other people. I wear Doc Martens due to the soles and they seem to help, either that or bare feet. I crash pc's just by being next to them, batteries will die after I've handled them, I can't even use a tumble dryer as my whole body goes static when I take clothes out of them - my hair turns into a halo LOL I also blow lightbulbs, we use compact fluorescents now and it's not so bad, although they still only last a couple of months. Our bedroom lamp is the only one we use a normal bulb in, and that blows regularly, it also dims when I'm in the room. We've tried changing the plug, swapping sockets, moving the lamp, even changing the lamp itself, but it still does it...
It is those who are perfectly sane who are driven the maddest by an insane world...

There is method behind my madness
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The Management
The Management

Joined: 02 May 2006
Posts: 831

Location: West Yorkshire, UK

PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 7:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some of the fun I've been having lately:

Yesterday I was in the kids room sorting some stuff out and the light bulb in the main ceiling rose started buzzing.  I called Andy up, and asked him to wait in the room while I went downstairs.  The light bulb stopped buzzing while I was away from the room, and started again as soon as I came back.  We tried this a few times with the same result...  Today, it's not buzzing at all.

Here are a couple of blog entries I made in Nov regarding a run of things breaking or malfunctioning one after the other

Wasn't me -shifty eyes-
by Bebi1st @ 2008-11-14 - 16:30:04
Things I have been near in the last couple of weeks that have broken/gone funny:

The phone hub.
I got up at 4:30am one morning, and around 6am a ticking noise started. I narrowed it down to something in the area of the phone hub but wasn't sure so I waited til hubby got up to see what it was. It was the phone hub itself shorting out. We've had to go out and buy a new landline system.

The house burglar alarm.
This went down for seemingly no reason. Hubby took it to pieces and put it back together again and eventually got it working again.

My digital camera.
The old batteries died about 3 weeks ago (we'd had them less than 6 months). The new batteries are now not holding a charge for as long as they did when we first got them, and my camera has been acting up.

The new dect phones.
We bought some new dect phones about a week ago to replace the original phone system. The battery in the one I use has died totally and we need to get a replacement.

The DVD recorder.
The DVD recorder tuned the tv into the AV station then turned itself off when I went near it. Neither remote was nowhere near anything that could have accidentally done this.

My laptop.
This has been doing some odd stuff on it's own lol the other day I was sitting back watching tv, and I saw movement on my screen - it was the volume bar turning itself up to maximum. I wasn't touching my laptop at the time, and nothing was near the mouse or keyboard buttons.

The TV set top box.
Normally after I've been using the remote for this it goes funny and has to be unplugged and have a forced reset.

The CCTV cameras.
I picked up the controller to move one of the motorised cameras and everything went off. I put it down and moved away and hubby managed to get it working again. He sat wiggling the wires and trying everything to reconstruct what happened and couldn't. I walked towards the tv to go and make a coffee and the screen started flickering...

My wireless.
I've just done a speed test with strange results. We've checked my hardware and I shouldn't be getting over 5600kbps (hubby's getting around 5600kbps on his laptop using the same type of modem/hardware), yet the speed test for mine is 7217kbps... We've checked to see if I'm accidentally piggybacking on someone else's network, and the only one I'm connected to is our own.


Direct link:

I'm sure there are more things that have gone wrong, but right now I can't think of them lol

Originally posted here


by Bebi1st @ 2008-11-21 - 18:31:07
I knew there was something I'd forgotten in the last post - the weather station lol As hubby had so much enjoyment from the one that's just broke he's got himself a better model with more bells and whistles. The only downside is an alarm bleeps whenever a reading reaches a new high/low, and as I'm forbidden from touching it (or going anywhere near his corner with his computers heh) I have to sit and listen to it bleeping for 60 seconds. He's still trying to find out a way of turning the alarms off completely but hasn't found it yet lol hopefully he'll find it before I either accidentally break it by thinking about it, or it drives me so insane he'll come back one day and find he needs another new weather station -grins-

I've also broken my mobile phone... My bro called me the other day asking for help naming a flowering plant he has. As his description was rather vague ("it has pink flowers and green leaves") he texted me a photo. All went well until I tried to reply and just as I hit "send to" the phone whitescreened, and turned itself off then back on. It's been doing this regularly when I try to use it, hubby's tried and it works for him -rolls eyes-

That's about all that's gone "seriously" wrong in the last few days, apart from lamps turning themselves off, but we're used to that lol

Originally posted here

It is those who are perfectly sane who are driven the maddest by an insane world...

There is method behind my madness
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