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Knock knock...
deformed hen ...
This is hysterical
Situational Songs
Dear Dad...
Hilarious company website names
Bernard Matthews Whodunnit
My fav joke ever
Computer terms revealed!
Twenty ways to confuse Santa Claus
Quotes., TV's Funniest Quotes
Unhelpful things to say in a crisis
The Pope sells his car on eBay
Rejected Exam questions
How rubber gloves are made
Virus warning (I love this one)
Answering Machine Messages
So Funny
Who was Jesus?
Male or female?
Proud to be British!?
Women are from Venus, men - from a lesser place!
DUH lol
The Polish man and the lawyer
Think before you speak!
Man & woman in a car crash
Men strike back!
Ethics Test
Toy Drive Gift Recipient Remembrance Month
Small world...
Kids ain't dumb!
Problem neighbours?
Have you seen my cat?
Sven-Goran Eriksson on 'Who wants to be a Millionaire'
The Blonde and the Horse
You know you're Glaswegian if...
Got any bread?
Dirty jokes
Confucius Say...
Amazingly Simple Home Remedies
You know you're getting old when...
Tell me this won't happen to us!
Answering Machine at the Mental Hospital
World Cup rules for the ladies
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